MOLD by Islandgirlpoetry

I am happy in my skin,

Accepting who I really am within.

I have fought with those who had their expectation of me,

Even tried to mold myself in that clay-shaped box for others to see.

I can't fit!

Into the hole, square, triangle or that mold and that's it!

I was never made for you to predict.

No one is perfect no matter how hard they try,

We can only be that one set aside, the one you can't deny.

I have tried to conform to who others wanted me to be,

In the end I have disappointed all others, I can only to be me.

Who you are, does not make everyone happy,

Even when I change there's still no apathy.

You can only do the best you can, still having room to grow,

Others may not understand; we're given different seeds to sow.

The difference you make in someone's life today,

May just be the answer to what they prayed.

At times it's hard to realize, how thankful we should be,

I too forget sometimes, but that's the imperfect me....

Page 61 from the poetry book "Cycle of Being"