An Island Girl to the core, Jahleen Wright’s, poetry radiates passion, resilience and faithfulness. Feeling lost and abandoned at a very young age when her mother sent she and her sister to Jamaica to live with her grandmother, Jahleen began to write at the encouragement of a family friend.  Recognizing that the unexpected separation left Jahleen feeling anxious and depressed, she was encouraged to write as a means of dealing with her emotions.

So, at the tender age 13, Jahleen began to write.  She wrote of her joys and pains, the love and the laughter and most importantly how she overcame rejection and defeat. Writing became Jahleen’s outlet, her therapy and it gave her strength to ask questions and seek the answers while healing from her own insecurities.  Writing gave her the courage to break free of the strongholds of her past and to walk boldly into her future.

Armed with a new found boldness and an even greater act of defiance, Jahleen joined the United States Army immediately after graduating high school. Leaving the beautiful island of Jamaica and the ever watchful eye of her grandmother, Jahleen served at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, then in the Republic of Korea where she met her husband Greg.  Jahleen and Greg married in Lakeland, FL and later settled in Northern Virginia, where they currently reside with their 2 beautiful daughters Jahleah and Jahlynn.

Over the years and life changes, Jahleen continues to write and is inspired by her journey to write her first book Cycle of Being.  Full of raw emotion, Cycle of Being is an expression of Jahleen’s life experiences, thoughts, dreams and aspirations, as she transitions throughout the cycles of life.

Jahleen Wright

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